What is a Campaign?

A campaign is group of advertisements that share the same budget and are usually about a single product or brand. A campaign can include multiple geo-targets, creative and formats. Advertisers should create separate campaigns for different advertising objectives. To advertise in YaftaMobile’s network, you must create a campaign, an ad group within that campaign and ads within the ad group. ad structure

YaftaMobile supports CPC and CPM campaigns:

  • CPC: You will only pay when someone clicks your ads.
  • CPM: You will pay for each set of one thousand impressions.

Once your campaign is set up, your campaign is submitted to YaftaMobile Content for approval. The YaftaMobile Content ensure that:

  1. Your ads are compatible with mobile devices.
  2. Guaranteed brand safety of our publishers and compliance with content guidelines.

When your ad is approved or disapproved, we send you an email notifying you. if your ad is approved, you will be able to run the campaign, subject to availability of funds.