Campaign Status

A status for your campaign describes whether or not its ads are running at the moment. For each of your campaigns, you’ll see information about its current state listed in the “Status” column in the “Campaigns” tab of your Campaigns page. A campaign’s status affects all ad groups and ads within it. For example, when you pause a campaign, all ads within the campaign stop showing.

The list below provides an overview of each status that you will see at YaftaMobile.

Pending Review: Ad has been submitted and is under review.

Declined: Ad does not abide by the Terms & Conditions set forth for content by YaftaMobile and will not be allowed to run in its current state.

Approved: Ad is approved and will start on the date you’ve specified.

Running: Ad is running if it can be served.

Paused: Ad is paused by the user, and may be run at any time.

Completed: Campaign has spent its allocated budget and may have reached its end date.