Payment Schedule

Each month-long earnings cycle is followed by a calendar month before payment processing of the earnings can take place, and another extra 15 business days before the payment reaches your account. For example: publisher earnings in the month of January (January 1 – January 31) will be made in the middle of March.

In order for the processing to begin, your total payable earnings must meet the threshold amount. any payout that amounts to less than 50 USD in case of paying by PayPal or 300 USD in case of paying by Bank Transfer will not be transferred until an amount of 50 (or 300) USD or more is accumulated. Once the 30 (or 200) dollar minimum has been reached, you will be paid. You will receive an email notifying you when payment processing begins. This happens on the date that funds are removed from your YaftaMobile account and is the date recorded in the Transaction History page of the Funds & Payments tab.